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During the Summer of 2023, I'll be working on a personal game development project that I've had on my mind for quite some time. It follows the journey of a young Chef navigating his way through the world of Yum as he fights food-hybrid creatures, the evil Caesar Saladin monarchy, and hunger! 

Story Summary

The story is set in Gourmetroville, a city-state on the planet Yum, where citizens hide from the dangerous creatures that inhabit the planet. In Gourmetroville, culinary arts are passed down to a chosen few, but when the current chef falls ill before he is able to pass on his knowledge, chaos ensues. The protagonist, Clancy Clements II, the next in line to hold the title “Chef”, must retrieve the mythical "Golden Berries" to cure the current chef, and the only known location is in the heart of the Cuisine Empire capital. Clancy sets off on a dangerous journey accompanied by the "Holy Recipe Book," which contains secrets about the ancient chef lineage and the mysterious world of Yum.


The game will follow Clancy and his adventure to obtain the “Golden Berries” to cure his ill master. He must navigate his way through the world of Yum to locate the Golden Berries, fighting enemies, solving puzzles, meeting new people, and learning about other civilizations in the world of Yum

  • Integrating food themes and ideas will be more towards gameplay and game dynamics/mechanics.

  • Historical references, legends, and myths will drive the storyline, characters and goals. (With lots of food puns)

Game Genre

  • Third-person

  • Action/Adventure game,

  • Similar to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker or Diablo, but in a much softer, cartoony style.

I thought that the best way for the player to explore the world of Yum that I had envisioned was to combine the elements of combat, puzzles, a primary story, side quests, etc. with food/historical related themes and puns.



1.1 Minecraft crafting system

Clancy Potsu.png

1.3 Crafting/Cooking Abilities

1. Combat: With food being a huge factor of the game’s theme, I wanted to incorporate the idea of cooking/following a recipe into the combat of the game.

1.1 What immediately came to mind was Minecraft’s crafting system of taking certain ingredients and combining them in the right formation/order to create items. I initially thought I could implement something similar. However, it seemed too meticulous and precise to perform especially during fast action situations.

1.2 I also remembered a game from a while back called Magicka, where players would perform a series of key inputs (e.g. Q -> E -> A -> A) with assigned elements (Earth, Arcane, Life, Water, Fire, etc.) to cast specific spells. Rather than elements, I can use ingredients that I collect from the level/enemies to perform these “spells”. However, with the scope of ingredients I want to implement, along with the inventory management I plan to add, it’ll all be very overwhelming

1.3 The final idea I ended up going with was to have the player use the ingredients to create food-based items/weapons/spells that they can equip during the level.

  • They’ll collect ingredients, either through combat, foraging, or looting, and store them in their inventory.

  • The player (whenever they want) will then be able to summon a pot that they can use to create food.

  • The players will throw their ingredients into the pot to create food which they can equip (up to a maximum of three) and use in combat until they expire at the end of the level.

  • Each food will have their own unique use and can work in tandem with the other foods the player has equipped to help the player achieve their goal, kind of like a combo in an RPG.

By doing this, I’ll be able to implement the food crafting I liked from Minecraft, while at the same time implementing the key combinations in combat that I liked from Magicka.

1.2 Magicka Spell Casting

First Model of the Protagonist: Clancy

Clancy Concept Design:

Clancy First Design.png

Combat and Movement Mechanics:

Clancy 3D Model Pipeline:

Clancy First Model.png
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