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"Catana" Game Demo Videos


Project Summary

This Arduino Uno project was done for a course in Sensor-Based Interaction at Carleton University. Similar to before, I created the game using the Arduino IDE, however, utilized OpenFrameworks instead of Unity. The sword controller was built off of spare parts left around me and my partner/roommate's apartment

Game Design

“Catana” is a single-player game where the player plays as Meowmoto, a cat samurai on a journey across Edo period Japan. Meowmoto has many enemies, however, as he is incredibly strong, no soul would dare to fight him head-on. Instead, his foes will try to assassinate him from afar by shooting projectiles at him.


These projectiles will be marked by a certain color, red, blue, or green. Meowmoto, using his color-changing katana will be able to deflect the projectiles, so long as the color of his katana matches the color of the projectile being deflected. If Meowmoto lets a projectile hit the ground, the game will end. 





Controller Design

This controller design was chosen as it creates a more immersive experience for the player. By wielding a controller shaped like a real katana, the player will be able to swing and rotate the controller to make it feel as if the player is truly using a blade.


Additionally, by placing all the inputs at the grip of the katana controller, it forces the most comfortable way to hold the controller to be the same way someone would wield a real katana.


Finally, rather than coloring the entire blade in the camera-detectable color, the decision to color only the tip was selected as it would make the most sense in terms of tracking.


The blade will be made of a softer material than the steel of a katana and will be much duller than a real blade. This is done to emphasize safety over realism as well as to make the controller lighter and more moveable for all targeted users.


Fritz Diagram

Physical Controller Inputs

Physical Controller Tracker

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