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Video & Film Editing

Ape Tape Sketch

"Ape Tape"

Ape Tape was a short sketch written and filmed for a project during University. The goal was to create either a commercial advertising a product or a short narrative of our choice. My team and I decided to do a little bit of both and mix the idea of a commercial with a dark-themed narrative.

All the footage was taken on a Canon DSLR camera in a make-shift studio set up in my basement. The entirety of the short sketch was edited and finalized in Adobe Premiere Pro.

In my basement, I filmed, edited, and acted in the short sketch, within a time period of one day. This was a very enjoyable project to partake in as I do love being behind and in front of the camera, as well as post-editing the footage.


Marcus' C.U.M.
(Collection of University Moments)

"Marcus' C.U.M. Vlogs

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All Videos

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Marcus' C.U.M. (Collection of University Moments) was a comedic YouTube series that contains crude humor and absurd content. The title was born from a running gag that I invented during a conversation with my friends

Despite the seemingly inappropriate theme and nature of these vlogs, the content was actually geared towards updating my friends about my experiences, journey, and trials at Carleton University. Moving to a city away from friends and family s a fearsome challenge, especially when you don't know anyone there. These vlogs helped ease me into this new path in my life, in the best way I knew how: humor.

The vlogs were filmed on my phone and edited via Adobe Premiere Pro. I also utilized Photoshop and Illustrator to create and edit 2D assets/graphics. 


Mini Figure Photoshoot

City - After Hours - Copy.jpg

"City - After Hours"

This image is the result of an assignment in which I had to photograph a miniature figure in an environment and edit the lighting and color blending to change the direction of the image.

As I was forced to stay within my home, I couldn't exactly find a proper city backdrop to place my miniature motorcycle in, so I had to make use of what I had. I set up a mini photo studio in my room and set up a backdrop on my monitor.

The original photo came out really well, looking relatively belonging to the backdrop, however, I knew I could improve it. After some editing and color balancing, I was able to make the figure blend further more into the environment, giving it a more realistic polish, rather than a shiny, gold exterior that came from the key light lamp.

Original Photo - Copy.jpg
Santos_MarcusAngelo_IMD1002A_Photoshoot_SetUp - Copy.jpg
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