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Here's a creative portfolio showcasing some of the projects I have completed throughout my studies and education as an Interactive Multimedia and Design student.




YOUniverse is a 2D roguelike fighter game created by our game development team, "Dingo Devs". You play as "Max", a college student, determined to find reclaim his cat, "Meowbert". Max must fight his way through different dimensions and defeat other versions of himself to save his best buddy.

The game was completed within a 4-month term, as a project for a game development course taken during University. The workload was very demanding as we had to balance other school work with the development of the game. With proper communication and a collaborative spirit, we were able to persevere and complete the game.

As the Lead Programmer and Gameplay Designer of the development team, I was in charge of writing and implementing a vast majority of the scripts as well as designing the levels, properties, and gameplay aspects of the game. The game was completed in Unity and scripted primarily in C#.

Link to game:

Arduino Custom Game Controller V1


"Arduino Shield Defense Mini-Game"

This Arduino Uno project was done for a course in physical computing at Carleton University. I created the game using the Arduino IDE and using the Arduino-related libraries in Unity Engine. I designed the Arduino circuitry using Fritzing, an electrical design tool, and set up the breadboard, along with the components myself.

The game was done as a miniature game jam as I completed the project from scratch within 24 hours. The game features the popular "Among Us" character as he defends himself from pieces of feces from random directions.


The custom Arduino controller comes with a rotatable potentiometer to change the angle of the shield, a button to change the color of the player's character, and LEDs that matched the current color of the player. The breadboard controller was then usable by connecting the Arduino Uno board to the PC. 

Arduino Custom Game Controller V2 



This Arduino Uno project was done for a course in Sensor-Based Interaction at Carleton University. Similar to before, I created the game using the Arduino IDE. however, utilized OpenFrameworks instead of Unity. The sword controller was built off of spare parts left around me and my partner/roommate's apartment

The game was done as a complimentary to the controller that we created for the project. The game features a cat samurai named Meowmoto, referencing the infamous ancient Japanese swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi


Using a webcam, the game locates the green tip of the sword controller via colour tracking. On the controller, there are two buttons to alternate between the katana colours in the game and a joystick to move Meowmoto on the screen.

Web & UI/UX


"Apt613 Calendar Page"

Apt613 is a non-profit blog company based in Ottawa run by volunteers. They were in need of a redesign on their calendar page as it wasn't working as intended. Our group, "Vol2", over the course of a term, communicated, researched, and worked with the Apt613 team to recreate a design for their Apt613 calendar.

The project was done in an agile environment, with consistent communication with both parties (our team and the Apt613 team). We went through multiple iterations, and ideas and followed multiple roadmaps to ensure a successful calendar design.

Our group, in an effort to maintain consistency with Apt613's website and system, decided to use the same tools that their website was created with. We used WordPress and recreated their header and footer (as we did not have access to their main pages) to create a page layout similar to theirs. From there we designed the calendar page while adding new features, such as event submissions, forum pages, all-day and multi-day event options, and more.

apt613 page.PNG

eDrive50 Website Design

home page 1.PNG

"eDrive50 Website Design"

eDrive50 was a project that was completed during University. For this project, the objective was to establish a website design and company aesthetic for eDrive50 corp. and their business venture in the market of transportation and delivery services.

Throughout the term, we constantly communicated with the client and made our design decisions based on their needs and requests. We created the navigational charts, mood boards, wireframes, and final drafts via the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator).


The primary audience, as chosen by the company, was elderly people in the regions of Ontario, Quebec, and New York State. With this in mind, much of our design choices were made around ease of access, security, and pleasant UX. We also made a mobile-friendly design for more accesibility for users 

Video & Film

Ape Tape Sketch

"Ape Tape"

Ape Tape was a short sketch written and filmed for a project during University. The goal was to create either a commercial advertising a product or a short narrative of our choice. My team and I decided to do a little bit of both and mix the idea of a commercial with a dark-themed narrative.

All the footage was taken on a Canon DSLR camera in a make-shift studio set up in my basement. The entirety of the short sketch was edited and finalized in Adobe Premiere Pro.

In my basement, I filmed, edited, and acted in the short sketch, within a time period of one day. This was a very enjoyable project to partake in as I do love being behind and in front of the camera, as well as post-editing the footage.


Mini Figure Photoshoot

City - After Hours - Copy.jpg

"City - After Hours"

This image is the result of an assignment in which I had to photograph a miniature figure in an environment and edit the lighting and color blending to change the direction of the image.

As I was forced to stay within my home, I couldn't exactly find a proper city backdrop to place my miniature motorcycle in, so I had to make use of what I had. I set up a mini photo studio in my room and set up a backdrop on my monitor.

The original photo came out really well, looking relatively belonging to the backdrop, however, I knew I could improve it. After some editing and color balancing, I was able to make the figure blend further more into the environment, giving it a more realistic polish, rather than a shiny, gold exterior that came from the key light lamp.

Original Photo - Copy.jpg
Santos_MarcusAngelo_IMD1002A_Photoshoot_SetUp - Copy.jpg
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