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This game was developed for the BIT Olympics 2023, a program-wide challenge for BIT students at Carleton University. The goal was to make a simple platformer game using only images found from google images within a 24-hour interval.

The Wheel of Game Design Choices


Game Summary

The game is a simple platformer where the player is an egg. The goal is to roll from start to finish across 10 levels, jumping on moving platforms, dodging spikes, and getting blown by fans along the way.

The game was individually developed and designed in Unity within in 6-7 hours. I implemented player movement, obstacle mechanics, and level design with strict restrictions of only adding features that I was awarded by a wheel spinner (also part of the GameJam's challenge)

Resulting in:

  • Egg - The Player's character that rock and rolls throughout each level

  • Spikes - The usual culprit to most player's death in this game

  • Air Fans - A unique obstacle or assistant the player can use to get through the level

  • Trigger Plates - An invisible trigger that could catch the player by surprise with traps

  • Moving Platforms - A platform that incorporates timing and precision to the equation

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