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Project Summary

This project was a submission for Global Game Jam 2024 in Ottawa, receiving first place in the community vote. The theme for this year was "Make Me Laugh", so the idea of having a Jester perform for a King was the idea we landed on. Additionally, the game was tailored towards younger children and was made to be accessible on mobile devices, as it would also be displayed in the Ottawa Museum of Science and Technology. 

As the lead game designer of the project, I took into account the capabilities of the team within a 48 hour time limit and designed a subset of 6 minigames that could be completed to a polished standard. These games were also kept simple and mobile accessible, as younger children and mobile players were the primary target audience. A speed-up modifier was also included to increase difficulty over time, allowing for better replayability. The 2D minigames, combined with the 3D animatics provided an entertaining experience for the younger players.

The Minigames


Collect The Tips: This minigame had the player collect falling coins by maneuvering a jester hat with their finger or mouse. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors: This minigame had the player try to select the right option in a game of RPS, with the advantage of knowing what their opponent's hand is.

Whack The Fool: This minigame had the player try to click/tap on the a jester moving in-and-out of three holes.

Cut The Steak: This minigame had the player try to click/tap a piece of steak enough times before the clock runs out. 

Don't Drink The Poison: This minigame had the player try to click/tap the randomly shuffled chalice that wasn't poisoned.

Jump Through The Hoop: This minigame had the player try to jump through a thrown hoop by timing a jump right.

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