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Carleton University 2020 - Present

  • BIT, Interactive Multimedia & Design, Co-op Option

  • Carleton University Third Year Standing

  • Claude Bissell Scholarship

  • Expected Graduate: April 2025


Professional Experiences

Warner Bros. Discovery - QA Software Tester

2023 (Jan - April)

  • Collaborate and advocate for quality throughout the software development lifecycle

  • Plan and execute automated and manual tests

  • Create and maintain testing documentation and records

  • Contribute to the improvement of testing at Warner Bros. Discovery

Cineplex Cinemas VIPVIP Runner

2021 (July - Dec)

  • Serve, manage, and organize the orders of customers

  • Navigate POS interfaces to take, review, and edit orders

  • Assist the senior staff in managing and maintaining the workplace

  • Orientate new employees as a trainer and leader

Technical Skills

  • Programmed a variety of base applications and software using C, C++, and Java

  • Developed an indie game using Unity in group collaboration as the lead programmer and game designer

  • Utilized various creative apps such as Adobe, Photoshop, and Maya for 2D and 3D projects

  • Applied the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS to create a web-based portfolio

Communication Skills

  • Collaborated with three team members to develop a roguelike action game

  • Conducted the presentation of team designed website as the main voice and guide

  • Communicated with clients to accommodate their design requests and requirements

  • Fluent in English and Tagalog: oral, written, reading at an expert level


Arbour (Ottawa Game Jam 2023) - Programmer and Level Designer

2023 (February)

  • Implemented interaction between 2D game objects using vector math and the Unity game engine

  • Implemented the game's fog of war system and player point of view/camera controls (zooming and panning)

  • Designed the level layout to incite and encourage players to create rootlike systems with the root mechanics given to them

Dingo Devs - Game Designer/Lead Programmer

2021 - 2022 (Dec - May)

  • Designed the game mechanics, level layout, and UI/UX features of a rogue-like game using Unity

  • Hosted and administrated the git repository for the development of the Unity-based game

  • Programmed and constructed a large majority of the game code using C# and C++

  • Managed and edited the implementation of collaboratorʼs code to assure intended outcomes

eDrive50 Website - Designer and Coordinator

2020 (Sept - Dec)

  • Designed a variety of web pages through thorough design processes (navigational charts, wireframes, mood boards, rough drafts, etc.)

  • Amalgamated various design ideas and sketches of members to create a unified product

  • Organized and audited the completed work of members via update logs and audit logs

  • Conducted unique presentations for the client as the main voice and guide

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