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Milestone 1: Initial Project Planning

This semester, my team and I were tasked with the project of designing Ingenium's VR escape room. The Ingenium brand hosts three museum spaces: the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum. The goal is to showcase their impressive collection of artefacts in a virtual space, providing an interactive and educational experience for all virtual visitors.

To start the project, my team and I began with a brainstorming and ideating phase. We've thrown some ideas around but found it challenging to land a specific idea. We felt that certain constraints in the project (room limitations, A-Frame capabilities, and the general escape room theme) had weakened our creative flow.

Eventually, we were able to find success in an idea that we all saw potential in. The idea was that the players would complete an escape room to retrieve a stolen artefact. The escape room would be split up into two sections, each with a different themes relating to the artefact being retrieved. With two sections, the players would be separated into two groups (2-8 players). Each group would have riddles and puzzles that require key information provided by the other group, encouraging teamwork and creative puzzle solving. The two groups would then collaborate together to complete the escape room and retrieve the stolen artefact.

The team was very fond of this idea as it brought in elements of teamwork, puzzle solving, and blind reliance. We took inspiration from games like "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", "Bokura", and "The Past Within", as they utilize similar concepts in very intriguing ways.

Hours Spent this Week: 3 Hours Total Hours: 3 Hours

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