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Project Post-Mortem

Welcome back to my weekly Design Studio blog, where I'll be discussing a VR project targeted towards Ingenium's Digital Innovation lab!  This week, my team and I have completed our Ingenium Escape room project! We were able to complete everything we wanted to create and implement into the escape room, to a standard we were very satisfied with. Three educational escape rooms, three functional artefacts that the users could actually interact with, and two possible roles that the players could partake in. There were many ups and downs throughout the development process, but overall it was a great learning experience for collaborative software development. If I were to undergo this project another time, I would definitely try to solidify the idea/concept so that the workflow would go smoother. Challenges: The biggest challenge throughout this project was that there were some times where we didn't have the same idea of what the final escape room was gonna be. This led to confusion down the line on what should and shouldn't be implemented into the room. To add onto this confusion, we made a pretty big change into our escape room design, which sort of got us off track.

Successes: Our biggest success throughout this project was our ability to course correct our project's direction amidst the confusion. Our escape room's original design was complicated and complex, which was not ideal for a targeted audience of children and time-limited museum goers. This resulted in redesigning and simplifying the escape room, which was very hectic as there were already some confusion about the original design. However, once we were able to find some solid footing, we had a clear structure of what we wanted our final project to look like. In the remaining time we had left, we were able to push out a solid, stable design of our project that had all the aspects we wanted. Show-and-Tell: Here's a demo video of our Ingenium Escape Room Project from the perspective of a Mission Control player and a Time Traveler player.

Hours Spent this Week: 16 Hours Total Hours: 95 Hours 

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