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Milestone 7: Completing the Beta Version

Welcome back to my weekly Design Studio blog, where I'll be discussing a VR project targeted towards Ingenium's Digital Innovation lab! 

This week, the team and I have finished our Beta version of the Ingenium digital escape room project! We managed to get a ton of our work done during the in-class sessions and a lot of work done individually. It honestly came as a surprise as it seemed like there was a lot left to do, but thankfully we were proved wrong. This sprint, we were able to complete the final room models, the Telegraph model, the functionality/mechanics of the puzzles, and all the educational content. When we pieced everything together, we arrived at a version of our Ingenium Escape Room that we were satisfied with for Beta!

Challenges: The biggest challenge this sprint was probably the time commitment that the team and I had to put in. We decided that it was in our best interest to complete the Beta version of the project a day before the deadline as we had other responsibilities during the week. This resulted in a lengthy grind to complete the project in-class, leading to fatigue and exhaustion.

Successes: The biggest success this sprint was probably the fact that we actually finished the Beta version a day before the deadline! Since all of us contributed and did our part, the previously "lengthy grind" was kept to a minimum. Had we slacked off a bit and procrastinated some of the work, we definitely would have had to pull an all-nighter to finish the project. Overall, I believe the greatest success was the entire effort we put into this project up until this point (hopefully it continues until the end of the project!)

Show-and-Tell: Here's an image of the Mission control room and the 1840s Telegraph room in our project!

Hours Spent this Week: 15 Hours

Hours Total Hours: 59 Hours 

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