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Milestone 6: Infographics and Circles Integration

Welcome back to my weekly Design Studio blog, where I'll be discussing a VR project targeted towards Ingenium's Digital Innovation lab! 

This week, the team and I have finally started to integrate some of the assets that we created into our Circles XR world. Some of the assets that I've been working on were historical posters that would act as clues and educational information for the users. Additionally, I refined some of the design documents as there were some minor changes to specific features and mechanics. As of right now, there is still lots of progress that needs to be made before our beta presentation next week. Fortunately, with the pace that we are going at, I believe that we'll be fully prepared in time.

Challenges: The biggest challenges this sprint was trying to find ample time to consistently work on the project. Due to other coursework and assignments, I struggled immensely in opening time for myself to work on this project. Because of this, it became a consistent stressor in the back of my mind, biting at me and making me feel a little inefficient. However, this was a common experience shared by many of my classmates and teammates, so I found some solace in that!

Successes: The biggest success was once again our teams ability to actively work independently and collaboratively. We all have our own tasks to do in this project but we consistently churn out progress! When we require help from one another or need additional information, we can always rely on each other to help. Overall, I feel like our teamwork is going strong and keeping us on track!

Show-and-Tell: Here's some of the educational infographics that I made for the project. I will still need to revise them to be a better fit for WebXR.

Hours Spent this Week: 8 Hours

Hours Total Hours: 44 Hours 

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