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Milestone 9: Two More Levels

Welcome back to my weekly Design Studio blog, where I'll be discussing a VR project targeted towards Ingenium's Digital Innovation lab! 

This week the team and I are working towards completing the entire Escape Room. Our entire process is pretty much planned out and it's basically a matter of putting in the hours and getting the job done. My tasks are to design the mechanics of the last two artifacts (Rotary Phone and the Vintage Motorola Cellphone), and create interesting/engaging puzzles that relate to educational information about them. I'm pretty much finished with what's required of the Rotary Phone, so my team is just trying to get the programming and assets done for it. I'm also nearing the finish line for what's required of the Motorola cellphone!

Challenges: The biggest challenges this week was just trying to find the time to work on it. Aside from the in-class sessions, I have a hard time finding open slots within the week to put in some productive grind sessions towards the project. While I do get some hours in there, I would definitely love to squeeze in some more.

Successes: The biggest successes this sprint was that we pretty much see the finish line. With a little over two weeks left, the team and I are confident that we can finish the project in a quality that we are all satisfied with. We believe that if any problems do arise, we'll be able to overcome them or find alternate solutions, as we've become accustomed to our development process!

Show-and-Tell: Here's an image of one of the artifacts we considered using for the vintage cellphone puzzle!

Hours Spent this Week: 10 Hours

Hours Total Hours: 79 Hours 

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