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Milestone 3: The Presentation and the Alpha Version

Welcome back to my weekly Design Studio blog, where I'll be discussing a VR project targeted towards Ingenium's Digital Innovation lab! This week, my team and I have began working on our alpha version of the Ingenium Virtual Escape Room project! Our project is being run on the Circles platform, a WebXR learning framework and research project that explores multi-user and multi-platform learning affordances. Circles acts another layer on top of the A-Frame virtual reality framework, providing more specialized development tools that can be used for our project. As of right now, the team and I have already finished setting up a starting "world" for our escape room and imported the 3D scan of the Ingenium Digital Innovation lab. Additionally, we've fully completed a presentation to present to the Ingenium team in an attempt to pitch our idea to them.

Challenges: The biggest challenge so far was probably initializing and setting up our development platform. This involved getting A-Frame, Circles, ngrok, Git, and etc. to work on all of our computers, as well as the computers that we used in the lab. There was also some other minor challenges of trying to covert .fbx files to .glb files, as that is the preferred file type for the frameworks.

Successes: The biggest success was setting up the "world" that will contain our VR escape room for the Ingenium lab. After some minor issues with importing files, we were able to fully import the Ingenium data lab and scaled it to an appropriate size. The potential I see in this project grows more each day.

Show-and-Tell: Here's a some a quick diagram of what the players in the game will look like, as well as a backdrop of the Ingenium Data Lab.

Hours Spent this Week: 8 Hours

Hours Total Hours: 16 Hours 

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